Two new blades started.

I've started these two blades after being so inspired by the KITH knife (post below)

 The bottom blade is 4mm thick EN9 witht he same shape as before.
the top blade is a bit thicker (but not sure how thick!) and is EN45.

I'm trying out a different idea on how to define the corners by pre-drilling some holes.

The plan is to flat grind them both again.

At this point, I'm only working on one blade at a time - the EN9 blade first.

I was tempted to leave the bevels at this height but I had slipped with the angle grinder earlier so more grinding required!

That should do for the grind height. Need to clean up the flats now. Hopefully I can keep the slight hint of the hot rolled finish on the bars. It should go well with a Wrought Iron bolster.


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