First sheath in a while!!

Seems like a long time since I made a sheath and it now seems like I have a few to do.

This is the first one started for a whittler.

The leather has been dyed with vinegaroon - a chemical reaction between the tanins in the leather and wire wool dissolved in vinegar. I like using vinegaroon as it's so easy to get an even finish and the dye will never wear off.



  1. Did this work for you? I am trying to use vinegaroon on a sheath with a wooden liner so i won't be able to add the dye after it is formed and then neutralize it with the baking soda and water soak.
    I assume you dyed this then sewed and completed the sheath?
    Did you have any issues with it?

  2. Yep, it worked with no problems. In this case I dyed and then sewed but I have done it the opposite way as well.