KITH knife Part 4

Part 3 is here: KITH knife Part 3

So last night I put my mark on the blade.

The metal removing part of the etch complete:

Then the darkening part of the etch done:

Ready for a clean up with a bit of cardboard (a nice gentle abrasive)

and all clean (I still get a buzz out of this bit)

Then it came to gluing up but I should have planned it out a bit better.

My clamp wasn't holding it all together in a way that I was confident that there would be no gaps so I had to clamp it by hand.

I'm using Devcon 2 Ton epoxy that takes half an hour until it gets to a point where it's not going to move so I sat and watched TV while holding it all together. 

I was still worried that I had gaps but i wouldn't be certain until the shaping stage.

The rough handle glued together.

Marking the centre line with my laser level.

Then start reducing the handle down:

No gaps!! I'm happy!!

I'm really, really liking this knife so far. It's going to be a struggle to let it go!


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