KITH knife Part 3

Part 2 is here: KITH knife Part 2

I really need to get a new bandsaw blade. I had to use a coping saw to trim the excess wood from the profile.


Starting the first cut:

Look at how boring this is.  You can't rush it else you'll snap the blade. It's a good work-out for toning your bingo wings as well!!

 Finished the first cut with only one little wound:

 Not actually as long as I thought.

 Second cut done:

 Cutting the back I rushed a bit and snapped the blade!

These saws are much quicker, although not so good at curved lines...

I decided that I wanted to put a pin in the handle.

First, drill a 1/8" hole through the handle without the blade in place.

 ...then insert the blade to the correct depth and drill a little bit again...

 ...which leaves a nice little mark on the tang.

 Next I get a larger drill bit and drill a hole in the tang.

 I'm certain that the pin will fit and the excess space will fill with epoxy. Perhaps not the strongest solution but stronger than no pin at all.


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