KITH knife Part 1

This one has been worked on for a while but I'm only just getting round to sorting the pictures for on here.
Old camera, I'm afraid!

So, to start off, I should explain what KITH stands for. It's Knife In The Hat. A number of people make a knife then names are drawn out of a hat as to who receives each knife. It's basically a make and swap!
Sometimes there's a theme to the knives that are made.

For this KITH, it was based on a design by James Wood.


The idea was suggested that it would be interesting to take that drawing and have a number of people make a knife from it, to see what variations were produced. The only restriction on the build is that the knife looks like the drawing from the side so it could be made from any thickness of steel, have whatever grind you like, be a full tang or stick tang and, of course, any materials used for the handle.

Currently there are about 17 people in the build with a number of people having finished already.

I decided to use my favourite circular saw blade steel, 1/8" thick.
Rough cut with the angle grinder:

I got the profile pretty close with the angle grinder! Looking back, I'm quite impressed!

I recently purchased a Bubble Jig from Fred Rowe of Bethel Ridge Forge. It's designed to help you learn to grind freehand. I decided to flat grind this knife - this is about the third or fourth knife I have attempted this with.
In some of the pictures you can see the jig but I am intending to do a more comprehensive review later.

15 degree bevel:

Up to 10 degrees:

and higher still:

Pretty good, even if I do say so myself!

I noticed that the plunge line was coming in at a funny location:

and also that there was a bit of a scrath from when I had cut out the profile with the angle grinder:

A bit more grinding to move the plunge and some hand rubbing to remove the angle grinder mark...

Getting there

The plunge line looks much better here:

Next, heat treating.

So this:

Leads to making a bit of metal hard like this (listen to how tinny it sounds):

So, the plan for the handle - Green Micarta bolster (top of pic) and Cocobolo handle (bottom of pic)

Starting the slot for the bolster:

and a bit of time later...

I made a larger slot at the back to make filling the fit out easier later.

A bit concerned about that nick in the micarta at the top! I only just noticed it and wouln't be impressed if i had to start again! I'll see how it goes....

A really boring job now.

Filing out the slot by hand.

Slow progress...

Getting there...

Many days later (certainly felt like it!)
(and onto the new camera now)

The fit is spot on now, but no picture.

I misplaced my design printout so made a rough guess at the height of the bolster.

Rough cut:

and rough shaped:



  1. Cut is healing well :)

    "So, to start off I should "
    Post ends in mid-sentence :(

  2. Hi San,

    Yeah sorry, I was interrupted part way through typing up the commentary and decided to hot post with what I had. Will edit when I can to add notes and re-order some pictures.