Trond Knife - Part 3

Part 2 here: Trond Knife - Part 2

So, since the last part I have reflattened the end of the block of Desert Ironwood and made the hole for the tang of the blade in the block deeper.

The initial depth of the hole with the initial outline drawn round the tang:

...and where I had to take it to get the bone bolster to fit flush against the Desert Ironwood block:

It was only after I had made the hole deer that I spent any real time thinking about any sort of spacer between the bone and Ironwood.

I looked at quite a few options but when I came across an off-cut of Yellow Mallee burl I had, I knew it was the correct choice. It's one of my favourite woods with a very tight and interesting grain, and this particular piece is an off-cut from a block I used to make a box for my Wedding ring - seems an apt choice for a knife for me!

So, add in a couple of thick black bits of vulcanised fibre and it looks like this:

So if we compare the tang against the side of the block, the original hole was sufficient!

Oh well! I just need to make sure I leave the handle long enough so that I don't expose the hole now. That's the main reason for drawing round it on the side of the block.

It's all been glued together and is sat in a clamp in my kitchen right now.


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