Trond Knife - Part 2

Part 1 here: Trond Knife - Part 1

So, the piece of wood chosen was the Desert Ironwood.


Because my wife said it looked manly - I couldn't argue with that!

The bone bolster is at an angle so to get the best fit and grain orientation with the wood, I cut an angle to match on the front face.

The rough sawn face needs cleaning up

so I was a naughty boy and used my pillar drill as a mill again. Not recommended but a risk I'm prepared to take with wood and only taking light cuts.

With it all nice and flat, the tang hole needs drilling.

First draw round the tang...

...then make sure it lines up with the drill bit.

The wood is amptly named Ironwood - very hard and dense.

With wood like this you need to do a bit of cutting then pull the bit out as the channels in the drill bit fill with wood, creating lots of friction. The swarf needs chipping out of the channels.

The last bit of drilling and disaster!

Damn, damn, damn!

Thankfully I hadn't cut the block down to size yet so I think there's enough available for me to trim the front off enough to expose the drill bit and start again.

That was a wasted session but hopefully not a wasted bit of wood!


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