A sanding idea to stop pain in my hands.

I don't know about anyone else but I find gripping sandpaper can start getting a bit painful after a while as you're having to grip on such a thin item while exerting force.
I've been concerned that this'll develop into a bigger health issue so have been thinking of a way to avoid it.
I'm now playing with Clingons -  a really cool means of adding a tie loop to a tarpaulin. 
With a bit of lateral thinking, I thought I could add some wrist loops to sandpaper so you don't actually need to grip the cords as the loop goes round the hand, therefore avoiding hand fatigue.

The only problem at the moment is getting used to the different length as even that extra bit of length from the clingon changes the 'feel' of how it's working.

In use:
(Not on a knife that is ready for it yet, just used to show how it works)


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