Hessian W. Kneissler - Part 2

In the post below this one, the picture of the scales doesn't show that I had already rough drilled some holes in the back of the scales that will line up with the pins in the handle.

The next job was to make the junction of the scales and the metal bolster a perfect fit.

I don't have a disc sander (yet) so for small projects, I have a small Proxxon table saw. It cuts really well but limited depth.

You can see that it's not deep enough to go through the full thickness of the hessian micarta. 

That's not a problem though as it's deeper than the thickness of the bolster so I can just snap the excess off, leaving a nice 90 degree junction.


So ready to glue the first scale. 

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I love my Kant Twist clamps. 
Well, that's still true and if anyone ever decides to give me more then I won't complain!


Edit to add that the second scale is now glued on


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