Customising a Swiss Army Knife so that it is no longer a knife!

On a forum, this popped up:

"Following a couple of minor injuries at work our senior managers have decided to totally ban the carrying of pocket knives and the also use of knives as a "tool" for work use. I have carried a SAK for nearly 30yrs and feel like I've lost my right arm now (excuse the pun). I don't often need the blade, but all the other stuff comes in useful almost daily.

So... onto my question, does anyone know whether there are multitools available without blades as I have a space in my pocket and it needs filling... "

I decided to make a FrankenSAK out of a Victorinox Climber (the model that was currently being carried).

It's actually one of the more easy modifications that can be done.

The starting point - a three-layer Victorinox Climber, Swiss Army Knife

 So first, the plastic scales need to be removed. Another knife helps. they're not glued on and pop off easily.

For one of the rivets, just filling the head off works.

Then a bit of a tap with something pointy to push it out one layer.... that the corkscrew can be removed.

For the other three rivets, I want to preserve the bushings so I drilled them out.

which means that the bushings will just pop off.

 Prise the outer liner away.

then remove the two blades and spring.

the pins were then filed down to an appropriate length, the bushings put back on at then the pins were rivetted in place.
 My rivetting:

Victorinox factory rivetting:

We now have a two layer SAK.

For the scales, i could re-use the old plastic scales but it would leave a gap where the corkscrew was, so Alf is going to make some custom ones:

all the tools:

A knifeless Swiss Army knife!


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