Customising a Guycep / Guy Stainthorp Neckmuk knife - Part 1

Guy Stainthorp AKA Guycep did a run of these blades some time back.

They all had a paracord wrapped handle, soaked in glue but while they're handy wee things, the paracord doesn't make for the most comfy long term.

 So, I've been tasked with a new handle for it.

First order of the day is to remove the old paracord.

Ooops! A sharp lesson in safety!!

Tape x 2 and I can carry on.

With the handle off, I decided to clean the blade up a bit. It was left with a quench finish but I'm going to aim (!) for something a bit more shiney!


 A bit more rubbing, with lots to go.

 Sometimes I use this bit of rubber glued to a bit of wood to help follow the curves.

Engine Oil helps polishing

So, I still have plenty of work to do on the blade but the plan for the handle is this lot:

I'm going to put another hole in the handle where the blue dot is so there'll be three stainless steel pins. Then the handle itself will be orange G10 liners with African Blackwood say on top (underneath the blade)

It should be interesting!


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