A Camp knife & a Bowie in EN9 - Part 1

I'm trying to be good and not start any new projects until I've cleared out some existing ones.

Well, last week I needed something to work on that would clear my head without having to think too much. The obvious thing to do was to grind some metal so i started these two.

They've been sat with the designs on them for quite a while. The steel is EN9 with added carbon.

So a bit of work with the angle grinder doing this:

Leads to this:

If you're careful, you can use the discs until they're worn right down.

Then to refine the lines so that they're smooth, we need to do some of this:

and we get these:

I don't have any real plan for the camp knife. No prizes for guessing what I'm planning for the Bowie handle, although it may change yet.


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