Monday morning catch-up

So, despite earlier promises, I haven't been catching up with my pictures of what I've been working on. With a new week starting, I thought I would force myself to get back to it.

Here's a few more pictures and few notes of what I've been working on.

First off, a bit of an unusual one. This is an Enzo blade and the customer wants the knife to only weigh a maximum of 120g when finished. It's his choice that the centre of the handle is cut away and it's actually quite comfortable!  

 Still 4g to go. All the holes need countersinking a bit and final shaping and polishing. I'm confident it'll get there!

There is a second Enzo blade being done in a similar way, but the goal for that one is 100g total (it's a smaller blade).

Next, another full tang Leuku. This came about after someone seeing my 1/8" thick full tang Leuku but wanting a thicker and heavier version. This one is 1/4" thick and will have Cocobolo scales.

This is the Carbon Fibre & Orange G10 ready for the Spyderco Mule. It's been drilled and needs the front shaping before gluing to the handle.


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