First Slipjoint knife completed

I haven't been posting much lately as I've been focussing on trying to get this particular knife done in time for Christmas.

I did the final bit of polishing and shaping on Christmas Eve morning. It's not perfect but there was little else I could do for the faults except start again.

For my first effort, I'm actually quite happy, although there are some faults that I'm fully aware of.

Two parts of the spring have grind marks on them still. I may have been able to grind one of them out but I was concerned with making the spring too thin. The second area is where the spring contacts the blade and if I had ground this down it would have changed the way the blade opened so I just left it alone!

When closed, the spring is a fraction of a mm higher than the back of the handle. It should be the same height when open and closed. More planning for next time!

The blade rubs on the liner when it closes, so sometimes it doesn't quite snap all the way. This is because I decided to make the blade with a chisel grind. I've chamfered the liners where it hits but not sufficient to remove the problem. I think over time it'll wear in.

This shows how the edge of the blade is against one side.

The highlighted area on the brass is where the blade is rubbing.
I'm happy with how the blade opens and closes. It snaps well. I put in a half stop, because I like them.
The camera I was using didn't have a video function so instead I just kept my finger on the shutter. I think it shows the pace of the close quite well.

I'm pleased with the shape - I left the end more round than on the knife I based it on. I think it works.

I'm looking forward to making the next one, although apprehensive at the same time!


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  1. I am a beginner. I enjoyed the pictures and commentary.
    Thanks, Ted