Lauri Leuku - making it up as I go along!

I must admit that I haven't been working on this handle with a particularly well thought out plan. I have the main handle glued in place, but I hadn't fully thought out what the plan was for the butt plate.

What I should have done, is anneal the tang of the blade so that it was soft enough for me to pein over and hold the back plate in place. However, I didn't do that so I needed to think of a different plan.

A nice thick piece of brass plate for the butt plate....

Rough cut down to size with another spacer of Turkish Walnut.

Turkish Walnut - A big hole for the tang togo through then 4 holes for brass rods.

Transfer the brass rod holes through to the Brass plate:

Then also through to the main section of Oak:

...and this is them stacked together with another bit of leather in there as well.

The plan is to have 4 x 1/8" brass rods that are epoxied in place and also peined over the butt plate. The tang of the blade will be cut down so it only goes throught he Walnut, not into the brass.


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