The work of two bladesmiths - James Wood & Owen Bush

I just got these two bits of work in the post. The first is a blade by James Wood and is for me. The second is a damascus kitchen knife by Owen Bush and unfortunately isn't for me to keep, but instead have a look and a play then send it on it's way. Both of these guys forge their blades and they're pretty good at it too!

So, firstly the James Wood blade.
 A while back, James and I were chatting about him making me a wee pukko blade for whittlin' and what not. I wanted one that I knew would be destined to stay with me and not sold on. 

A superb bit of forging that's perfect about from one little detail. A little whittlin' blade? I don't think so!

It is a great bit of work though and as I said to James, I'm very happy with it and now I'll have to commission a second, smaller blade at a later point in time. :D

My initial thoughts on the handle look like this:

Second, the damascus kitchen knife by Owen Bush:

 Owen has recently decided to start making some pattern welded / damascus bladed kitchen knives in a Japanese style, and this is one of the offerings.

The tang of the knife is a stick tang and combined with the wood of the handle being magnolia, the knife feels very light and fast in the hand.

I believe that the handle is a pre-made handle that Owen has sourced. The bolster is buffalo horn and the design is assymetrical, designed to fit a right hand.

The blade tapers from the handle down to the tip.

  and the edge is gently curved along it's length.

Some random shots of the damascus pattern:

Owen can be found at


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