More friction folder work

This is work done on two separate days, but I forgot to post up the first bit!

So, first day....

More smoothing

I had ignored the end of the Snakewood bolsters up until now.

Another annoyance for me is the washers.

They don't fit on, without being exposed over the front as the design of the blade gives such a small area to work with that standard washers don't fit. I needed to work out a solution.

I've just noticed that I haven't got pictures of the scales all polished and smoothed after this session.

Ah well, it'll have to wait!


Next session was an hour to drill two holes. Well, not even two whole holes really! I needed to drill the countersink for the pivot screw to sit in so that the head of the pivot doesn't sit proud of the scales.

I got a 4mm end mill that'll cut a nice flat bottomed hole - looked about the right size but I'll do a quick test drill first.

Hhm, a bit big! A tighter fit would be nice.

Suppose I should actually check the size of the head properly.

Smaller than 4mm!

I found a different style of pivot head to try instead.

Better! I'm sure it'll fit.....

Clamped up with some mole grips, leaving the bolster attached to the liner for support. A 3mm drill is used to line it up with the hole that goes all the way through for the pivot bar itself. The 3mm bit is then swapped to the 4mm end drill without changing the position of the part to be drilled.

Spot on!

I think that all it's got left is to cut down the pivot bar and the pivot screws to the right length and it's done.....


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