Kneissler re-handle & Enzo Lynx whittler

I have been rehandling a W. Kneissler in Orange G10. Putting G10 on a Kneissler is quite different to how it turned up with me with it's Cow Horn scales. All I've done is remove the original scales and replace with new pones, without deconstructing the whole knife.
These knives are not pretty, polished pieces. They're made to be used by people who need a knife in their daily life where the big concern isn't how it looks, but that it works and is a low cost to produce.
Despite them being a bit rough around the edges, they are really nice knives with a really positive snap as they open and close, and they give scope to do some more finishing work to neaten them up.

When I've got this finished, I'll take a side-by-side picture of one that is unmodified to show the difference.

It's pretty much done. The next job is getting the bolsters to blend into the G10 smoothly and polish the pivot pin into the bolster.

This is a little carving knife I'm working on for some one.
I think it's a great combination of materials.
Cocobolo bolster, black fibre, nickle silver, black fibre and Amboyna Burr.
I can't wait to see this one finished so I can see the grain of the wood pop out when it's oiled.


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