Blades due for hardening at some point this weekend.

I have these sat ready to be hardened at some point this weekend if I'm allowed to slot them in.

Starting from the top down:

  • I think this started life as a Becker knife before it was cut down into a Nessmuk shaped knife and extra holes drilled in the tang. It's believed to be 1095 steel. I'm not too concerned what it actually is, as long as it's a hardenable steel! I didn't do the reshaping of the profile but have thinned the bevel out at the front.
  • A little bit of O1 steel. The back 'hump' of the handle needs to be reduced to get the lines to flow right but I'm happy to do that post- heat treat. 
  • Another bit of O1 - I hope! I was given this 5mm thick piece of steel a while back and was told it's O1 but as I didn't buy it from a known source, I just have to hope they were correct! I ground this blade out to try out some new grinding belts a while back and it's been sat in a box ever since. As I'm doing these other blades, I figred I may give this a go too. I need to thin the tang down some more later.
  • This one and the last one are my interpretation of a 'Puukko' in a full tang form rather than a stick tang. Little Rob & Patrick have asked for a whittling knife so this is the design I came up with. They're made from circular saw blade - which you can tell because of the circular groove on the side of them!
  • The second to last is another bit of O1. Nothing exciting, just a wee neck knife.
  • The Sharpie is there for scale!


and here they are fresh out of the oven:

All hardened up fine. The only issue was when I got to the last blade (the Nessmuk) and the heavens opened. Trying to get the blade heated correctly while getting drenched was a challenge!


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