Two bolsters

First up today, I started on a bolster for an Enzo Lynx blade in some Cocobolo.

I decided to try and use my piller drill to mill out the slot as I've always found it to be a very lengthy and tricky process to do it by hand. I like making stick tang knives but fitting the bolster puts me off.

First Pass
Checking for size
Second pass!

I cut the block out so I could then make a larger hole at the back.

To make sure I drilled the bigger hole in the correct place, I drilled a smaller hole through from the front first before turning the block over and drilling with the larger bit.

Next, I did some more work on the Wrought Iron bolster for the Mike Blue Damascus blade.

I wanted to put a groove running round the side, so using a great tip from an American called Erin Burke, I used a dremel cut off disc in my pillar drill to score a line parallel to  the front face.

I then used a small round needle file to make the scored line wide. The file followed the line of the dremel disc easily.

The groove was widened using a larger round file and will now be smoothed with wet 'n' dry.


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