Svord Peasant re-build Part 3

The biggest thing to get right with the re-build is the position of the pivot pin and the stop pin.

That looks pretty good to me!

The next thing that needed doing was recessing the pivot hole to fit the head of the pivot pin.

I need to make this....
...look like this.

I didn't have a drill bit of a suitable size kicking around, nor did I have my calipers about so I could check what I was looking for so I decided to try something different.

First I drilled the counterbore with a drill bit smaller than what I'm aiming for and then used one of the pivot bolts in the chuck to remove the final lip.

In this picture, I tried it with one of the flat sides as the main shaft is thicker.

It didn't work too well so I decided to sacrifice one of the screw heads instead.
I have chamfered two sides so that the slots of the screwdriver slot act as cutting teeth on the wood.

It's no longer useable on the rebuild, but I had planned to only use on of the two bolts so no issue.

It worked a charm. Combine that with a bit of shaping and it now looks like this:


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