Svord Peasant re-build Part 1

The Peasant knife, made by Svord is a low cost friction folding knife. It is great in it's simplicity but there are a few things about it that I just don't like.

In some ways, it makes it ideal for me as I like to take things apart and change them. If it was spot on already, I would feel a bit wrong changing it! (Although not always)

So, what do I dislike?

The point of the blade is exposed when I have the knife closed. You don't want it to stab you when it's in your pocket!
The end of the tang is left exposed when it's open. The Peasant is available in a range of sizes and I believe that the hole in the end of the tang is designed to take a split ring so you can attach it to your keys. The hole needs to be left exposed to allow it to fully open, if there is something in it.
The reason I see the exposed tang as an issue is shown here. The metal digs into the palm of your hand when you're using the knife, making it very uncomfortable to use.
The handle shape is my next moan. I don't like how it widens at the front of the handle. To me, it makes it feel clumsy.
I actually find it more comfortable if I hold it the opposite way round, witht he handle tapering as it goes towards the front of the hand.
The final thing I'm not so keen on is the big gap at the front of the handle / back of the blade edge. it's only a minor thing, which I could live with but I figure that if I'm making a new handle, I might as well get rid of it.


I couldn't find any manly screwdrivers but the girly ones were good enough for the job. The knife is held together with two screwed together bolts. It's simple and effective.

At this stage I can highlight the other great part of the construction - the stop pin.

but I can also show why the blade tip was left exposed when closed.

I have some other Peasant knives and they aren't the same as this. I'm sure it was just ground too far back when being produced.


The starting point is the pivot location and the stop pin location. There's no point changing them as they already work well.
I then draw round the blade in it's full open position and full closed position.
The front of the handle is drawn in to avoid the gap that I don't like.
I then draw out the rest of the handle. It doesn't have the really wide front that the original has and I've also made sure that the tip of the blade isn't left exposed when closed.
A friction folder knife is legal to carry at any time in the UK as it doesn't have any sort of locking mechanism, as long as the blade is 3" long or less. The blade on this is spot on 3" but I've decide that I'll make it a little bit more pointy and a little bit shorter.
I have marked out with marker pen the metal that I will remove. As well as changing hte blade shape slightly, I'm going to remove some metal from the tang so that it doesn't dig into the palm of my hand. I may shorten the handle slightly to compensate for the shorter blade but I will wait until the blade has been reshaped before I decide.



  1. the knife blog is great mate, but I am also interested in your screwdriver set, where might a large strapping manly man such as myself purchase one?

  2. The Mother-in-Law was the supplier. ;-)

    They're the perfect set for around the house. I wouldn't dream of taking them out and about so I can actually find them when I need a screwdriver whereas all the rest are scattered all over.

  3. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out, never seen such an innovative design for a peasant mod :)