Razor Blunt Bushcraft Knife Part 4

I have drilled through the pin holes in the glued on scale only, using the holes in the knife tang as a guide.

I have drilled a hole partially into both scales where I will be forming the epoxy rivet.

Second scale glued on.....

...and when that has dried, I then redrill through the pin holes so that the hole now goes through both scales.
A stainless pin and lanyard tube are glued in place.

Again, when dried I started to shape the scales down to the outer of the tang.

After a bit of shaping, I decided to stop until I could find my superglue.
The grain on the Oak was pulling away a bit too much when using the rasps and I don't want it to fracture so I will flood the grain with superglue, shape it a bit, more superglue and so on. This will help support the grain (hopefully!)


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