Razor Blunt Bushcraft Knife Part 2

I've got a piece of Bog Oak for the bolsters of the Razor Blunt bushie blade.

That part of the block would have been scraped because of the big knot hole but this way, I'll still be able to use most of the piece of wood.

The original plan was to use it this way round:

But I forgot to check where the knot went on the other side. Thankfully, I hadn't started drilling at the is point so I changed the orientation.

All drilled out and the front of the bolsters shaped.

Notice that the angles on the bolsters match the angle of the pins and the angle of the blade plunge line.

Next job was to square this up to 90 degree angles!

I took my usual flattening plate and used a piece of timber to keep things square

It's not easy and I really need to sort a disc sander out, which will make things much more accurate and allow me to start doing dovetailed joints.

A quick check.

It's flat along most of it's length but you can see at the left hand corner that it's not. This happens quite easily if you roll your hand while sanding. I anticipated this issue and purposefully left it over sized.

The rounded section will be removed in the shaping process later.

The Padauk has been cut down so as not to waste too much. The off cuts will go in a box and maybe used at a later date. I've done a rough outline of where the handle will be on each side so as to remind me which goes where later.

Again, the end needs to be square. At a quick glance, it looks square but it's not.

I've painted the end with marker pen then done a few rubs down the sandpaper. This quickly highlights that it needs more rubbing down to get to 90 degrees.

The bolsters have been glued up onto the knife.

Gluing this handle on is actually going to take 3 separate sessions to make sure everything is where it needs to be.


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