Friction Folders - Brusletto, Svord & Enzo

I had forgotten to blog about some of this previously so will add it all in now anyway. Some of it is from pre-Blog too.

Let's start with the Brusletto.

It's an idea that a few people have played around with, using a Brusletto Brevkniv blade.

Here are two examples made by Neill Manley:

The blade is designed to be a fixed blade, but with a little bit of modification it can turn into a friction folder. Inspired by the others I've seen, I wanted to try it.

I'll find a picture of an unmodified blade later but for now, here's were it began before I started with the photos.

 The sides of the handle are African Blackwood, the pivot pin is brass and the centre spacer is Tufnol.

The Tufnol has been glued in place on one side of the handle so that it forms a stop when open and closed.

A few holes need adding at the back to put some more support pins through. I did this now to make sure they were in the right place!

I also decided to put a magnet in the handle to help hold the blade closed. This is something I've tried before ( video clip ) and I know it's something Neill has done before as well.

 I forgot to take a picture of the magnet in place. It's not glued in as I drilled the hole the exact size and push fit it in. It's not going to budge!

The wax is there to stop the gap between the scales filling with epoxy when I glued the second scale on.

Next, the Svord Peasant Part 2

( Part 1 here )

Onto the scales. I decided to use Elm that has a bit of Burr in it.

 A lot of people seem to do this when deciding what bit of wood to cut.

How do you know what the wood looks like underneath?
 Doing this is much more sensible in my opinion!

 After much deliberation, I decided where to place the scales and roughly cut them out.

The wood now needs flattening before anything else happens.

Finally, the Enzo.

An Enzo friction folder? This one may confuse some people who know the Enzo brand!

This project has sat around for far too long so I decided to get my butt in gear and get it moving.

That's all I'm going to say on that one for now....


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