More Leuku work and some Convexing.

So todays work was starting to shape the Leuku handle to fit the hand.

The first thing is to remove material in the plan view.

As this knife will be used for light chopping, I'm using a coke bottle / fish tail shaped profile for the handle. The wider section at the end of the handle will help prevent the knife coming out of the hand.

When the profile has been shaped, I start rounding off the corners so it feels comfortable in the hand.


It's still fairly square in the middle section and will need more rounding on another session.

I also spent about of time on my fixed blade version of the Spyderco Manix. 

I originally made the cutting edge with a scandi grind which is favoured by the UK bushcraft scene, but it wasn't sitting right with me so I took it to the grinder to start converting it to a convex grind. I think this will be better!


You can just about see on the pictures of the edge that the bevel is now made up of a number of faces. The next thing I will be doing with this is sharpening it up so that it is one continuous curve from the edge to the spine of the knife.


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