More convexing (but a bit different), some sanding and some shaping.

More progress on convexing the fixed blade Manix.

I started off by hand using a soft pad under some wet 'n' dry.

The set-up pictured above is a length of pine with some carpet underlay on top of it, then it was all wrapped in duct tape. It's held up well and has a nice amount of give for convexing.

It's quite quick to start rounding off.

I decided to try something new for finishing the blade off.

Take one orbital sander:

(Notice it's soft pad)

 Then sand away

Before sanding.

After sanding.

It's quite quick for finishing, although the vibrations on the hand are horrible! It's not going to work for removing deep scratches but for later stages, I think it has potential.

I wondered if this would work better:

I'm not sure that I could get the same amount of force on the blade, although the vibration was less of an issue.

Getting there!

I also added a small sharpening choil with a diamond file:

I couldn't take much more of the orbital sander today so the next thing was starting the prep work for this great bushcraft knife blade from Razor Blunt.

It still has the oxide layer on it from tempering so that was removed with some 800 grit.

I'm thinking of using Padauk Burl for the rear of the handle and having some Ebony or other dark material at the front for bolsters. For some reason I'm thinking that making the joint between the two curved will be a good idea!!

Lastly this morning, a bit more work on the Leuku handle, thinning and shaping a bit here and there to get it to fit the hand. Still more to go!


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