Little Kephart

This was put in the post to it's new owner today.

The design is based on the knife that Horace Kephart described in his book Camping and Woodcraft ( A good blog post ) and will make a great bushcraft knife.
The blade is made from an old circular saw blade so the steel is unknown, but has sufficient carbon in it to hold a good edge. It's actually my favourite steel at the moment.

The handle is made from Turkish Walnut from old gun stock off cuts and it has dark red liners between the wood and the steel.

The blade is nice and thin at only 1/8" and it has a convex ground edge.

The sheath has two options for carrying.

It can be worn on the belt using the normal loop or by using the removable loop. The removable loop allows the sheath to move about more (for example, stopping it dig into your side when sitting down) and also means it's easy to put the whole thing away without having to undo your belt.


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