Jens Anso look-a-likes x 3 - Part 1

I really like Jens Anso's work. (His Website)

I think I'm right in saying that Jens is a full time knifemaker now. He mainly focusses on building folding knives but in the past he also made some fixed blade knives.

He has also got a couple of designs that are being manufactured as production knives by Spyderco and Boker.

The blade of his that I've based these blades on is this one:

With a lot of my knives, I will take inspiration from other people's work to try out new ideas and see how they work. I don't hide the fact that I do this as I don't see it as an issue. My work isn't at the same level of work of makers like Jens, so they have nothing to worry about with me stealing their customers!

So, using that picture as the base, I made a few sketches.
Rather than just making one version, I played around with a couple of different blade shapes too.

1/8" thick woodmill saw blade steel again....

All three have been shaped, drilled and heat treated.

One is ready for a handle. The other two still need some more scratches polishing out of them.


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