Cold Steel Kukri with a custom handle

I've been building the handle for an awesome Cold Steel Kukri blade for the last week or so.

What's so good about it? They big choppers and they're used by Gurkhas!
Kukri Info

It was a bit of quick job as the client had bought the blade without a handle, for a trekking trip to the Pyrennes that he's going on this week. If I didn't get it done in time, he would have to rethink his knife choice as I think this is the only one he's taking with him! It could be a true survival knife!

This is how it arrived.

The tang is hefty and is 5/16" thick.

Under the old rubber handle is a block of Stabilised Spalted Birch and some Green Canvas Micarta.

The original plan was a forward bolster in the micarta with the Birch as the main handle.

The Birch wasn't wide enough at the rear end to get the important flair of the handle so it was decided that a rear plate of more micarta would be added.

I think having the micarta on both sides helps balance the visual appeal of the handle.

See what you think.

Of course, as it was going to be relied on as a tool and isn't just for looking at, I had to check that it feels right while chopping.

The handle feels very positive in the hand and the forward weighting of the blade makes chopping seem easy.
Can I have one please?

I hope this one has a nice trip!



  1. Thanks a million Stew, I am certain that it will be a great survival knife and we will have a magical journey through the mountains together. :)

  2. Stew. I have a cold steel kukri I would like to receive similar treatment. Lemme know how much.

  3. How much for this?

  4. I would like to have this done to mine. would you please email me with some details?

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