Another Odd Sod Tuesday

So I have a couple of Lauri Leuku stick tang blades that have been kicking around for too long.

This one has a piece of Reindeer antler as a bolster - it'll be interesting to see what effect the marrow going through the side has!

It then has two pieces of leather either side of a piece of Turkish Walnut.

I'm thinking that I'll use this piece of old Oak that has some really interesting grain.

I was all ready to drill the Oak but then thought I should check the tang length against the sheath that I have for it, and also decide if it'll have the tang going all the way through peinned over a butt cap.

Next, I drilled, shaped and glued up a couple of pieces of Carbon Fibre to another Stuart Barker PSK blade (this is a longer version). This Carbon Fibre was destined for some folder handles but due to the rough surface finish, I wanted to test it out on something else first and see how easy it is to get flat again before using it for something more complex.

I mixed up some epoxy and dyed it black to fill the holes in the Razor Blunt Bushcraft Knife.

Finally I started finishing a job that has been going on for years!

Sometimes, a job turns in to a real Albatross (Definition # 2) Things don't go right , it's always nagging at you.
This is one of those jobs. It's been going so long that I actually find it embarrasing.

I was provided the friction folder blade to put a handle on. It's had a number of back spacers, the side liners have changed twice and the scales now need re-doing.

So the current issue is that the bolsters are a poor fit on one side and the spacer keeps coming off on the other when working it down.

I have decided to replace the Thuya bolsters completely.

I got some more snakewood. It's not highly figured but hopefully there's enough to show interest and not fight for attention with the damascus blade.

Rough cut on the left, sanded on the right.


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